Influencers Community

The Thermomix community has many Influencers & experts. People with years of experience, cooking for families and friends. Many with health challenges, big families, time poor and maybe with fussy kids & partners. Their area of expertise changes as they evolve as cooks, bloggers and walk the path of their health journey. 

ThermoVention is the hub for all things educational and entertaining in the virtual Thermo world. Let us connect you with the people who can inspire and excite you to create more wonderful food, explore new recipes and food trends and discover a Thermie world invested in making life with your Thermie, easier. 

Our mission is to support all members of our Thermo Community, Owners, Influencers and consultants. Joining together, sharing and working to learn as a collective, we all grow.

Thermie people love to share. They love to learn and they love to have fun. Our wish is for ThermoVention to be a place that encourages and celebrates those qualities.


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Are you struggling with a food or dietary challenge? Let us help you find the Influencer who has experience with that.


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