Julie-Ann & Carmen have over 20 years of Thermomix experience as owners, consultants and leaders in the Thermomix Australia team. They have conducted face to face and virtual events, cooking classes and workshops with many of our top Thermo Influencers.

Both are passionate about the Thermomix community and see ThermoVention as a way to be of service to both owner and influencer and consultant.

Utilising their skills and knowledge to create a hub, a place for connecting those of us with Thermo knowledge to those who seek it out.

The intention for future iVents is to address specific needs and trends by listening to our community and creating summits to suit those specific needs.

Julie-Ann left the Thermomix team to travel Australia with her hubby Graeme and cat Coco in their caravan. It was time to adventure together while they were still young enough to enjoy it! There are no plans to stop travelling but Julie-Ann missed the Thermomix community and while exploring the virtual world while doing some study, realised how valuable a Virtual Convention for Thermomix owners would be. To be able to support Thermie owners, consultants and Influencers while on the road is a dream come true. Julie-Ann loves to cook and ‘wings it’ often.

Carmen lives in Regional QLD. A single Mum of 3 wonderful kids, Jack, Noah & Chloe. Carmen is heavily involved in her local community and is always cooking for someone or something! Supporting local producers, creating family memories while cooking healthy meals is a huge priority for Carmen. A big fan of Cookidoo and a Mixshop gadget addict, Carmen loves to test new recipes and accessories. 

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